DI-Don’t: Use Carpentry & Repairs Services Instead

Well. That escalated quickly.

Don’t worry. It’s really not that bad.

Look, unless you have actually burned the house down to the foundations or knocked out a loadbearing wall, pretty much everything is fixable. The fact is that painting contractors, carpenters, and other professionals have lots of experience and specialized tools that make their expert workmanship look great and last a long time. You don’t need more HGTV to get your home looking its best; you need a remodeling professional to handle all aspects of your renovation.

Some Jobs Need Professionals

We love DIYers – we get so much work from them!

Just kidding, but sometimes an overdose of HGTV has everyone thinking that they are Bob Vila when they’re more like Tim Taylor.

Honestly, manual trades are skilled trades. You wouldn’t try to wire your house, run your own gas lines, or put in your own plumbing. In some cases, you’d be breaking the law if you did! Home Partners professionals have the experience and equipment to do a job right the first time – or fix what someone else did and had it stay fixed and looking good for years to come. Even better, we know the right materials, the right equipment, and just how much it’s going to cost.


That’s our job at Home Partners, and we’ve been doing it for a lot of years! We do interior and exterior painting; rough to full finish carpentry; build things (or just make them look better); remodel kitchens and baths, and at one time or another have probably done one or all of the above in your neighborhood. We offer a FREE consultation on your job, and you can rest assured that your work will be done to a high professional standard, the job site kept clean and professional at all times. Contact us TODAY!

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