Be Prepared: Emergency Spill Response Oklahoma

When you hear about an oil spill you often think of the massive incidents which have occurred in Alaska or the Gulf Coast. Probably your first thought is that these incidents are terrible, but thankfully rare. However, the reality is that every year around the world there are oil spills which total up to around 100 million gallons. To put that in perspective, the Valdez spill in Alaska was a mere 11 million gallons.

Eliminating oil spills seems to be impossible. While some are caused by human carelessness, much of it is from unavoidable causes. These causes include tornadoes, floods and hurricanes among many other natural causes. It is because of the reality of the industry that an equal amount of the focus of dealing with oil spills is about how to effectively and quickly clean them up rather than just how to prevent them.

The impact of an oil spill on nature can be disastrous when left untended. Fish, birds and even insects are particularly at risk to the oils damaging effects. Oil deposited on fur or feathers can impede the animal’s ability to warm themselves or, in the case of birds, be able to fly. If it leaks into ground water it can harm drinking supplies, leaking into rivers and lakes can cause problems for all of the creatures who call it home.

For the safety of everyone, a quick clean-up is always the best response. That is why Emergency Spill Response Oklahoma OK is an important factor to environmental safety. Companies like ORI Environmental have become trained in the best and most thorough response to leaks and spills.

They are prepared to clean up the oil, perform site remediation and clean the area and any storage tanks involved. Additionally they are also a used oil recycling facility, distribute roll off containers and much, much more.

They have, for over 30 years, been available any time, day or night, to manage any leak or clean up any spill in North Texas or Oklahoma. As the top Emergency Spill Response Oklahoma, they have developed a reputation as the place to go for any concerns about oil and its appropriate disposal. To find out more about the many services they provide you can find them at

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