Basic Maintenance Tips on Air Conditioning Units in Ogden UT

Spring is the time you should be thinking about tuning your air conditioning system up. Don’t wait until the heat wave comes to have your air conditioning unit serviced. Here are some basic maintenance tips that will help keep your unit running smoothly.

Air conditioning units require a refrigerant substance called Freon. A low Freon level indicates that your unit is leaking. This is a problem that should be resolved before adding more Freon to your unit. Freon is also dangerous to the environment which is any leaks must be resolved as soon as they are discovered.

Freon leaks can cause damage to your air conditioning system. Leaks can result in freezing the evaporator coil. Leaks can also cause damage to the compressor, overheating and premature failure of your entire system. When the Freon level is low it causes your air conditioning Ogden UT to work twice as hard.

When having your air conditioning Ogden UT serviced, you can expect a technician will check all electrical components, compressor and condenser. They may also find it necessary to oil the motor in your unit. These are some examples of things they will do to your HVAC unit.

There are several important things you can do to maintain your air conditioning system. Here are some of the basic things you need to do. They are all very basic steps that don’t require a lot of time.

Make sure your outside unit isn’t covered.

Keep debris, sticks and limbs away from your condensing unit.

Change your filters regularly.

Clean the coils of the air conditioner at least monthly.

Between routine servicing and maintenance, your air conditioning unit should last you for many years. Properly maintaining your unit during the warmer months will also make it easier to get ready for the winter months. Poorly maintained units will not last near as long and costly repairs will be inevitable. This can also lead to the necessity to replace the entire unit which is also very costly.

When it comes time for heating Layton, you will also need to make sure you have your unit serviced. It’s best to test your heat before the winter temperatures arrive.

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