What to Look for Before Hiring for Roofing in Hendersonville

Anyone can hang out their own shingle, so to speak, and claim to do residential roofing Hendersonville, but you get what you pay for. A roof is expensive, and if it is not installed or repaired correctly, a faulty roof can result in damages to the rest of your home, too. It’s far better to ask any roofer a few questions before hiring them to do the job so you can feel confident in their ability, the quality of materials, the skill of their workmanship, their work ethic, and their professional reputation.

Before allowing a business to do your roofing Hendersonville, make sure they have a certificate providing proof of insurance. If they don’t, and a member of the work crew gets injured while on your property, you will be held liable and responsible. Ask how long they’ve been in business under the current business name. The reason for this is because you can expect a roof to last twenty years. If the company seems like they may not be around for even a few more years, you won’t have anything to back up your warranty.

You will also want to ask them a couple questions related to their roofing Hendersonville skills. Ask the roofer if their employees are trained according to factory specifications. This is crucial, because if the crew installs the roof improperly, it will have to be dismantled and re-installed, which is a costly and time-consuming process. For example, ask them in particular how they construct flashing around walls and chimneys. Their answer should be that they turn the flashing into the wall and then caulk it, and not that they simply nail the flashing down and then caulk it on top.

Roofing Hendersonville materials may be constructed of asphalt, copper, shingles, or slate. Any shingling product used on your roof should come from a supplier who stands behind the product. The roof should be constructed with weatherproofing sheeting in areas prone to leaks, a layer underneath that prevents mildew and heat from destroying the shingles, a ridge vent for ventilation and a ridge cap for a professional-looking finish treatment.

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