Area Rug Cleaning in Cypress, TX and Beyond Cuts Down on Allergic Reactions

by | Mar 5, 2015 | Rugs

If you are someone who is plagued with allergies, then you may need to have your carpeting cleaned. Area rug cleaning in Cypress, TX and other outlying areas is an excellent way to remove the dust and dander that causes sneezing, sniffling and runny eyes.

If you own a dog or cat, area rug cleaning in Cypress, TX and other Texas towns and cities needs to be done at least twice a year. Many consumers who request area rug cleaning in Cypress, TX as well as other local communities do not contact carpet cleaners until their rugs or carpeting become soiled or stained.

Carpeting Offers One Major Advantage Over Hard Surface Flooring

However, any area rug cleaning in Cypress, TX and other Texas locations that is initiated should be employed before a carpet or rug starts to show signs of dirt or stains. A failure to regularly clean a rug only ensures that dirt and allergens will collect in the pile. However, that being said, the trapped materials are also less likely to affect an allergy sufferer versus airborne particles.

According to an article published in Architectural Review entitled, “Design Review on Carpets, “. . .  the fact that carpet may collect more lint and dust than a hard surface floor . . . may be considered an advantage, as it is better to have dirt and bacterial-carrying particles held down in the carpet until it is [cleaned], than to have it stirred up and [released] airborne . . . [from a smooth surface floor].”

Rug cleaning in Cypress, TX and other Texas towns supports studies that verify that most allergens are removed when carpeting or rugs are regularly cleaned. Studies show there is a direct correlation in maintaining low allergen levels and routinely cleaning a carpet or rug.

Breathe Easier

While experts recommend that rug cleaning in Cypress, TX and other Texas towns take place every year, rug cleaning which takes place more often will reduce the number of allergens existing in the home environment as well as increase a carpet’s longevity.

You Can Reduce the Incidence of Allery Even if Your Floors Are Carpeted

Synthetic flooring, such as ceramic tile or sheet vinyl, normally does not promote the growth of bacteria or fungi. However, airborne particles can accumulate in the household over such surfaces. Because hard surface floor coverings cannot capture airborne contaminants, allergies may still affect homeowners in these areas of the house even when carpeted areas have been cleaned.

Texas is home to seasonal allergies as well as allergies that are produced by humans and pets. One way to ward them off is by including the name of a good carpet or rug shampooer on your contact list.

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