Are You Suffering from a Tension headache or TMJ Disorder?

Headaches can be related to your TMJ disorder. If the pain comes with a crackling or grinding sound whenever you move your jaw or if there is any stiffness in your joints that make it hard for you to close or open your mouth, then you probably aren’t suffering from a tension headache. It could be a headache caused by TMJ disorder instead, Colgate says.

What’s causing it?

An injury to the temporomandibular joints and muscles is often the primary cause of TMJ disorder. However, grinding your teeth is also a possible reason. If you often grind your teeth because you’re stressed, angry or upset, then that could be why you’re suffering from a TMJ problem.

How do I cope with it?

One of the best ways to cope with TMJ disorder is to learn how to deal with stressful situations better. Find ways to calm down. Don’t let the stress and emotions bog you down. Try to think of rational ways to solve the problem and cope with what’s happening. That’s going to help you prevent TMJ issues and pain from happening.

Do I need help?

If the problems continue unabated, then look for a dentist and ask about teeth clenching treatment in Brandon FL. By consulting with a specialist, you won’t have to lose sleep over the pain and discomfort you feel. You’ll learn about options to help you deal with the condition.

Why go to a dentist?

There are home remedies that may be used to help alleviate the pain and discomfort successfully. But these remedies are only going to go so far. If the pain persists, then it’s wise to seek out the help and assistance of a specialist. Only a specialist can check out your condition and determine the best teeth clenching treatment in Brandon FL for you.

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