Are You Remodeling Your Ft. Lauderdale Home? Wallpaper Has Several Benefits Over Paint

Homeowners remodeling their homes usually don’t think of wallpaper. They just paint their rooms in neutral colors, because it’s easier. What homeowners should know is that wall decor in Ft. Lauderdale FL adds depth, warmth, and texture to a room. Here are some of wallpaper’s benefits.


Have you always wanted a brick wall or a wall made of natural stone? Did you know that wallpaper is made to look like distressed wood, red or brown brick, natural stone, and even marble? Before you contact us to see what we offer, you should know that textured wallpaper like grass cloth makes a great focus wall.


It’s a fact that wallpaper has a life of about 15 years. Paint has a life of around ten. Both are washable. Wallpaper stands up well in high traffic areas (think small hands grasping a wall for balance.) If the seams of the paper come loose, all you have to do is glue it back to the wall. It’s cheaper than repainting.

Ease Of Installation

With wall decor in Ft. Lauderdale FL, there’s no need to move the furniture out of the room, cover the floors, or open the windows to let the paint fumes clear. You can glue the paper to the wall or peel and stick. When you contact us to learn more about it, we can show you how quick and simple wallpaper is to install. Atlantic Wallpaper And Decor is excited to share with you the beauty of wallpaper when you contact us.

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