5 Great Ideas for Media Room Wall Covering

Are you a movie bluff that wants to build a media room in your house? If so you should make consideration for room decor and color. Building a media room is not just about purchasing the high end state of the art electronics. You must take time to consider the color and style you choose for the media room. This will make all the difference in having a quality, fun time watching movie in the media room.
Following are some tips to ensure that you give the perfect finishing to the media room that rivals a local movie theater.

Go with a Simple Look
You must go with a simple look for the media room. The decor and style of the room should not be such that it creates distraction while watching the movie. A luxurious finishing and great styling that will look perfect for a dining room or a living room will not go well with media room. You must focus on minimalistic design and styling for media room.

Pick a Neutral Color
You must choose a neutral color for your media room. Certain colors like rich shades of green, yellow, or blue distort the picture projected on the wall by projectors. The picture may appear slightly blue or yellow on the screen with these colors on the projector or TV screen. Natural colors like sky blue or grass green also degrade movie viewing experience as they results in a slight hue that does not look good on the screen. Try a more dark and neutral color that is less likely to degrade and cause reflection on the screen.

Avoid Glossy Paint on the Walls
Avoid covering the walls with satin or glossy paint as it makes the walls highly reflective and causes light to travel across the room. This greatly degrades the movie viewing experience due to glares and reflection from the light.
Instead you must go for textured wallpaper as it minimizes glare and reflections on the screen. Textured wallpapers are best for media rooms. Apart from minimizing glare and reflection, a textured wallpaper also looks more appealing as compared to painted walls. You have greater option for color and design that greatly complements the media room.

Avoid White Paint on the Ceilings
Painting the ceiling white is the norm no matter what paint is used on the walls. However, when it comes to media rooms white or any other pale color on the ceiling will greatly degrade quality of the movie screen. The white color from the ceiling will reflect light that will bounce onto the projector or TV screen. Again the best option is to choose a dark neutral color on the ceiling similar to the walls.

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