An Instant Forest Of Outdoor Artificial Trees

The concept of producing replicas of nature’s handiwork goes back to ancient times. Originally, the replicas would be made as works of art to be displayed in the homes of the aristocracy. A semblance of reality was used but the artists aim was more towards a decorative impression. In slightly more modern times, plant imitations have been used to record nature’s wonders for posterity and scientific study.

Over the years, the decorative affect from artificial plants has widened in appeal to appoint where they are considered an everyday thing. A vase of fresh roses looks fantastic for a few days but soon fades away. Really natural looking artificial roses can last forever.

Not only has the manufacture of artificial plants, shrubs, trees, fruits and flowers become a worldwide industry it has also dramatically increased its skills. Using plastic and textile materials, any plant known to man can now be reproduced in an accurate artificial version. Furthermore, artificial plants are now available at affordable prices. They are no longer the preserve of the aristocracy.

But, Who Needs Outdoor Artificial Trees?

Given that the industry can now produce affordable, accurate replicas of any tree, a small tree as decoration indoors makes sense. But, surely Outdoor Artificial Trees will never match the majesty of the giant redwoods in the Sequoia National Park? Actually, they could. Woodpeckers and boring insects would be disappointed but the human eye could be fooled into believing it was gazing upon the real thing. Unfortunately, it would be the real thing captured and frozen in one moment of time.

Outdoor Artificial Trees are manufactured from materials that resist ultraviolet degradation and are totally immune to all weathering effects. What they do not do is to change in appearance with the changing seasons. Outdoor Artificial Trees with fall foliage will be forever stuck in the fall, which will not be very realistic come mid-summer.

Outside Of A Forest, What Else Is There For Outdoor Artificial Trees?

There are many outside areas in the home, commerce and the hospitality industry that can benefit from the appearance of a few trees. A dining terrace at the country club would be improved by the inclusion of a few Outdoor Artificial Trees. However, we are not normally looking at trees of any great size and this is another advantage of realistic replicas. Maybe nature would not stop a cedar pine tree’s growth at exactly 6 feet but a faux tree remains forever the same height. Additionally, if you rent your trees, you can easily arrange to change them over to match the changing seasons.

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