Accused of OWI? You Need a Drunk Driving Lawyer in Beaver Dam WI

Operating while intoxicated in Wisconsin is a serious offense. A single drunk driving conviction can result in fines, mandatory ignition interlock device and driver’s license suspension. Anyone who is convicted of driving under the influence with a minor in their vehicle can go to jail for up to six months. A second offense within 10 years carries even more serious consequences, including mandatory fines up to $1,100, up to six months’ jail time and driver’s license suspension. If you have been accused of driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you need an experienced Drunk Driving lawyer in Beaver Dam WI to defend you while you fight the charges.

Many people who are arrested for OWI believe that they can defend themselves in court. The truth is, it is very hard to dispute the evidence the police officer has against you without the help of an attorney. Because defense attorneys who focus on drunk driving cases understand the law and how it applies to your case, you have a better chance of walking away with no penalties with a lawyer than you will if you defend yourself in court.

A prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a driver was impaired while they were driving in order to secure a conviction. A Drunk Driving lawyer in Beaver Dam WI may be able to discredit the evidence against you, such as the reading on the Breathalyzer machine or the reason that the officer pulled over your car. Breath testing devices must be calibrated on a regular basis. Your attorney may request the service records for the machine the officer used to determine your blood alcohol level.

It is important to get a lawyer involved as soon as possible so they can begin collecting evidence to help you win your case. The sooner your lawyer has the opportunity to talk to witnesses you were with before you were pulled over, the better the chances that you won’t suffer the penalties that go along with an OWI conviction. Visit to find a lawyer who has the experience to defend you against OWI charges.

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