Allergist in Elizabethtown KY Emphasizes the Importance of Allergy Testing

Varying allergies affect many people all over the world. Nearly 8 percent of people in the United States are plagued with hay fever. Between 10 and 30 percent of the world’s population are affected by the same. Allergic reactions to drugs adversely affects roughly 10 percent of people worldwide. In 2012, a report indicated that over 4.1 million children were affected by some sort of food allergy. Other allergic reactions include skin allergies and insect allergies. Clearly, people being affected by allergies is not something to be “sneezed at.”

An Allergist in Elizabethtown KY has been providing allergen and allergy solutions for patients for over three decades. It is important to be tested for allergies. The way to test for allergic reactions or what allergen(s) may be present affecting the individual, a skin or blood test is conducted. Most of the times, skin tests are utilized because they are quicker in getting a response; and they are much cheaper than a blood test. To conduct a skin test, a minute amount of a possible allergen is placed either on or just below the surface of the skin to see if there is any type of reaction. The methods of this testing are done by skin pricks, intradermal testing, or skin patching. Positive reactions will range from a red, itchy area (result of a skin prick) to symptoms of dermatitis (found in the 72 hour skin patch).

When the form of testing is through blood tests, the search is for antibodies. This type of testing is usually done for those who for one reason or another cannot endure the skin testing. The test most commonly used in blood testing is the immunosorbent assay. It tests for the level of a given antibody in the blood. The Accredited Asthma, Allergy & Food Intolerance Center conducts these various tests to alert their patients of any allergic reactions. The doctor, C. Steven Smith, has been providing relief for patients in Evansville, Indiana, Jasper, Indiana, Louisville, Kentucky and the surrounding areas. If you think you may have an allergy to something and need to see an Allergist in Elizabethtown KY, visit the doctor’s website. You can Visit Dr. Smith.

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