Advantages of Senior In-Home Care Service in Santa Monica, CA Over Nursing Home Care

Healthy seniors live longer than ever before. This means someone could be in retirement for 20 years or more. They could also outlive their spouse, friends, and even children, leaving them with no one to talk to on a regular basis. Many older seniors get lonely, whether it’s because they have no living family members or because their family lives far away. When they have a medical problem and need assistance, they may need to stay in a nursing home if they can’t get help in their own home.

This is where Senior In-Home Care Service in Santa Monica CA can help. When an elderly patient is released from the hospital and needs help getting adjusted to living on their own again, perhaps with some new limitations, a qualified nurse can visit the home regularly to ensure the patient gets all the help needed. Seniors might need help managing their medication, taking care of their basic needs, or just to have someone nearby in case they have an emergency. This kind of Senior In-Home Care Service in Santa Monica CA may be covered by insurance.

Patients who get these services following a hospital admission are less likely to be readmitted to the hospital for the same concerns. Because they are able to recover in their own homes, seniors are more comfortable in their surroundings, eat their own food, and sleep in their own bed. With the support of a caring professional during their recovery period, these seniors may be able to live on their own longer than those who go home from the hospital or convalescent home without support.

Doctors, hospital nurses, social workers, and family members might refer a patient for in-home care. Anyone who knows someone who might benefit from this service can browse our website to learn more about the services offered and check out reviews from satisfied patients and family members. Regardless of the time of day or night, a professional can be there to help a senior who needs assistance. While some merely need assistance for a couple of hours a day, those who need more extensive medical supervision can get the care they need right in their own homes.

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