Adolescent Day Treatments for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Issues

Mental wellness is the ability to deal with, and bounce back from, the stressors that everyday life presents. Mental wellness is equally as important as physical wellness. Adolescent day treatments in Minnesota can help young people manage their feelings and protect them from the ever-present temptation to indulge in risky substance abuse.

The response from a young person to any one of life’s challenges varies from one individual to another. Some will see an obstacle as an opportunity, while perceived problems will consume others. How people, young and old, respond to life and life’s challenges depends a great deal on his or her mental health status.

Experiencing challenges is inevitable, even for the healthiest adolescent. Depending on how the challenges are met, it can result in substance abuse, mental health issues, or other equally serious conditions. Emerging at the other end unscathed requires the help and aid of adults.

Adolescent Substance Abuse and Mental Health Disorders

More than 95 percent of young people who have a substance abuse problem have a coexisting mental health disorder. Even the term “dual diagnosis” can be misleading, as in certain cases, the adolescent may have multiple problems.

Environmental Issues

Professionals that are deeply involved in adolescent treatments find it rare to deal with young people that have a background that does not include mental health or substance abuse problems within their family. Although there may be a history of drug or alcohol abuse in the family, professionals also look for a history of emotional or behavioral disorders in the youngster. Often, both are found. Young people with substance abuse disorders tend to struggle with emotional and behavioral issues linked directly to environmental as well as genetic issues.

The growing years are extremely important for social, emotional, and physical development. Adolescent day treatments in Minnesota embrace these and other prerequisites to nourish the mental development of young people.

If you are looking for a facility that offers adolescent day treatments in Minnesota, contact Options Family & Behavior Services, Inc.

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