A Veterinary Hospital Can Tackle Some of the Biggest Pet Health Issues

When your pet is ill, you can’t help but be concerned and yearn for your furry friend to get better as soon as possible. A quality veterinary hospital can help restore your pet’s health and guide you through the process of keeping your pet safe and healthy down the road. Some of the biggest pet issues requiring medical attention include those involving the eyes, the brain and the bones.

Your pet’s eyes have the potential to deteriorate quickly when they incur problems. If these issues are left untreated, they can lead to the loss of your pet’s eye or even blindness. Signs that your pet is suffering from ocular disease include discharge, eye redness, swelling and excessive tearing. Also, pay attention to whether or not your pet is constantly pawing at its eye or is squinting. A foreign body trapped in an eye or even a seemingly minor cornea scratch may lead to serious problems without rapid veterinary hospital treatment.

Signs that your dog may be having neurological issues include lack of coordination, severe lethargy and disorientation. Also, your pet may walk in circles or be unresponsive, even falling into a coma. A healthy dog is always responsive, alert and bright, so if you notice a stark change in your pet’s behavior, you should seek the immediate attention of a veterinarian. Another problem that can plague dogs is seizures, characterized by the potential loss of urinary or bowel control, paddling with their legs, losing consciousness and uncontrollable tremors and shaking. Epilepsy happens to be the most common reason that pets have seizures.

Bones and Other Body Parts
Another major issue requiring the help of a veterinary hospital is trauma associated with falls or traffic accidents. In some cases, your pet may break a bone, thus requiring the attention of an orthopedic surgeon. Your pet might also suffer from internal bleeding or a ruptured lung. Wounds may be much deeper than you think, and if you postpone taking your pet to the vet, infection and other complications may occur. It is always wise to take your pet to a vet following a traumatic incident even if it appears fine. You could end up saving it’s life.

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