A Table Pad Can Help Protect Your Treasured Dining Room Table

by | Feb 11, 2014 | Home and Garden

The dining room table is an important gathering spot in any home. Families meet at the dining room table every day to eat, do homework, and catch up on the day’s activities. Because the dining room table receives so much traffic, it is highly susceptible to destructive cracks and scratches. Those cracks and scratches could eventually result in having to replace your dining room table more often than you like. So how can you protect your table from damage? The answer is a table pad.

Table pads help to protect the investment you’ve placed into your dining room table. A table pad acts as a protective cover to safeguard against scratches and moisture damage. A table pad can even help an old table look new again. Table pads are placed on top of the table and usually consist of two or more foldable pieces. Sturdy table pad locks hold the pieces in place and prevent the pads from shifting. Companies like Superior Table Pad Co. Inc sell table pads for any size and shape, even the odd shaped ones. Note however that custom pads for odd dimensions usually cost a bit more. Buyers should know the width and length of their table when placing an order to ensure the best fit. Table pads are also available in a wide variety of colors. When choosing a table pad color, users can choose to match their table’s natural color as closely as possible, or choose a completely different color to act as a decorative accent. Pads can be used underneath a tablecloth if desired.

Always apply table pads to a clean, dry table – so that moisture and dirt are not buried once the pad is put on. To care for table pads, users should clean them regularly with water and a mild detergent if needed. Table pads should be removed at least once a month so that the table can be cleaned and allowed to breathe. Though largely heat resistant, take care not to place hot pots and pans directly on the pad. With proper care, your table pads should last for several years. Visit website for more details.

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