A Skilled Business Attorney in Camp Hill Can Help Your Business Run More Smoothly

by | Mar 1, 2014 | Lawyers

Business law covers a large area and may deal with anything from contract disputes to real estate litigation, but a business attorney can guide you through the complexities of the law and work with you to achieve a satisfactory resolution to any issues you are confronted with. Selecting a group of attorneys with a large scope of services to offer can serve both you and your business well. While one associate may be more experienced in zoning laws, another might be more comfortable handling cases related to tax abatements; this works in your favor since the overall goal is to provide you with personalized services from an attorney who focuses on the specific areas of the law that apply to your individual needs. And if your legal needs are more complex and overlap with areas outside of business law, attorneys from other areas can be called in to apply their knowledge and expertise to your situation. Visit website for more information!.


The course of business seldom runs smoothly and there are bound to be instances where you will require the skills and experience of a practiced Business Attorney in Camp Hill. Whether you are contemplating starting a business and need some legal expertise regarding the requirements to do so, or are already in business and need professional assistance in resolving a legal issue, the right attorney can reduce the stress and anxiety associated with those situations.

In addition to assisting with the formation of corporations of all types, a skilled Business Attorney in Camp Hill can also use his talents in the area of non-profit organizations; both in their initial formation and in an advisory capacity later on, when the organization is already up and running, but needs legal counseling.

Another area of business law that may require the expertise of legal representatives is dealing with various aspects of real estate. Commercial real estate can be particularly challenging and may include issues with zoning and other legal services provided to real estate developers and contractors. Real estate assessment challenges and other litigation, both commercial and residential, will require an experienced hand like Attorney Jeni S. Madden at Serratelli, Schiffman & Brown P.C. Representing startups, established businesses, and nonprofits, they can put their many years of combined experience to work for you.

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