A Portable Car Garage Can Reduce Insurance Costs

If you do not want to pay for the expense of storing your boat or car in a permanent shelter, then you can always opt for housing it in a portable car garage. In fact, by sheltering your transportation in a temporary structure, you may reduce your insurance premiums as well.

Insurance companies do not like it if you keep your car outside or unprotected as it leaves the auto vulnerable not only to the elements but to the possibility of damage or theft. Any kind of shelter, whether it comes in the form of a permanent wood structure or is represented by a portable car garage, will enable you to reduce any risk of liability.

A Strong Covering

That is why people who live in northern locales and who can’t afford to have a permanent garage built, opt for an enclosed portable car garage in which to house their car or truck. You can’t help but appreciate this type of enclosure which features solid steel poles, weather-resistant and durable fabrics and ratchet tension designs that lend to the structure’s strength and longevity.

Therefore, when you elect to buy a portable car garage, you are not choosing some weakly constructed home for you RV or vehicle. Even though the structure is portable, that does not mean it won’t hold up in a windstorm or stay in place in a heavy rain.

A Customized Type of Shelter

A portable car garage is a lifesaver for any individual who is cost-conscious as well as conscientious about the care and protection of their automobile, boat or RV. You can choose from the coverings by width. So, you can customize a shelter for the equipment, vehicle or RV you want to protect.

Other Kinds of Canopies

Besides a portable car garage, canopy dealers also provide shelters and shades for hosted events, gardens and even kids’ play. So, whether you are looking for a sensible way to keep your car protected or want to enhance the aesthetics of a garden landscape, you can find just the right amount of reinforcement with a tent-style or enclosed canopy.

Once you see how sturdy the structure can be, you will want to look further at the various styles online. Canopies today feature well-engineered designs that are complemented by resilient fabrics and solid reinforcements. So, if you are seeking a shelter that stands up well in all kinds of weather and can be easily assembled and taken down, you will want to consider the large variety of canopy choices that are available online.

Why cover your pontoon, motorcycle or car with merely tarp when you can add an extra measure of safety with a temporary garage canopy? Again, you can gain a better visualization of the offerings by going online and reviewing canopy sites. Contrast the products and scrutinize the styles in order to decide the best canopy for your needs.


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