Where Might You Encounter Custom Chocolate Casino Chips?

You might think I am joking if I say you could find gamblers playing with Custom Chocolate Casino Chips in a chocolate casino; but, the whole point is that there is a fun side to Custom Chocolate Casino Chips. They are not meant to be taken seriously.

Chocolate Tastes Good

There are very few people who do not enjoy eating chocolate in one form or another. Chocolate is a blend of edible substances based around theobroma cacao seeds; strictly speaking it is not really chocolate if it does not contain any of these seeds. Could it be that the casino chips in question were made from a customized blend of chocolate? They may well have been but that is not really the point of Custom Chocolate Casino Chips.

What Other Purpose – Apart From Taste?

These are imitation casino chips made from a thin chocolate disk of equal size to a real chip. When molding the chip sized disk from liquid chocolate, it is easy to emboss shapes, numbers and/or words onto each of its sides. It is these embossed additions that customize the chocolate casino chip. Customized in so much as the chipmaker can have virtually anything you want put onto the chip (as well as the $ value associated with real casino chips).

To further enhance these Custom Chocolate Casino Chips they will be tightly wrapped in a metallic foil and the embossed designs and messages will clearly show on the now metal looking, but imitation, chip. In this finished form, the customized chips make good giveaway items that serve an initial visual purpose that can be later enjoyed by the recipient peeling off the foil and eating the chocolate.

Where Could Custom Chocolate Casino Chips Be Used?

By now, you may be thinking that these chips are nothing more than ordinary chocolate coin candies disguised as casino chips – and you would be correct. However, let’s say that you are planning a party or other ”fun” function with a Vegas theme to it. But, your party is not intended as a way for your guests to indulge in actual gambling with real money.

Instead, you purchase a number of chocolate casino chips which will be given away to the guests who can then choose whether to take them home as candies for their kids; play with them at the pretend gambling tables that you have set up; or, simply eat them on the spot. Your personal name (or that of an organization) can appear on the chips along with the date and reason behind the function as part of the customization process.

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