A Pool Cleaning Service in Palm Beach County Can Save You A lot Of Time and Money

Owning your own pool is a wonderful luxury. Being able to walk outside and engage in a relaxing swim or just hang out by the pool can be priceless at the end of an extremely busy day. Unfortunately, there are many things that must be done to keep the pool sparkling clean. Most people do not have the time that it takes to keep a pool in tip top shape. Even if it is not being used on a regular basis due to your busy schedules, it still has to be kept clean. A Pool Cleaning Service Palm Beach County can help you out.

A dirty pool is not only unattractive, it is dangerous to you, your family and friends. When not properly maintained and cleaned it can host harmful bacteria. Swimmers can experience burning or irritated eyes, ear infections or, even worse, get e-coli poisoning. If your pool is not cleaned and you allow your chlorine levels to become ineffective, your pool can breed mosquitoes, frogs, and even attract snakes. Failure to maintain your pools PH, alkalinity, and acidity balance within the proper ranges can be corrosive and cause damage to your pool.

ABA Pool Services in Palm Beach County can handle all of this for you and more. They are willing to schedule regular visits to clean, inspect and balance your pool’s water. They will do everything from brushing down the pool’s steps, walls, and bottom, to vacuuming up the debris and skimming the pools surface. Cleaning out your baskets and filters will ensure that your filtration systems continue to work at optimal levels, keeping your pool water clean. Proper cleaning of your pool will allow your pool to last longer. No matter what type of pool that you have, if it is maintained you will be able to get more use out of it.

When the time comes to close your pool for the winter, most pool maintenance companies will be willing to do this for you. Closing the pool correctly will protect pipes, valves and other pieces of your filtration system from freezing and bursting throughout the winter. The proper balance of chemicals in the pool upon closing will make opening the pool in the spring much easier.

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