3 Social Security Disability Facts

When applying to receive benefits from a government program, like social security disability, keep in mind that the process will be slow and full of paperwork to fill out and provide. Government is large, so the layers of bureaucracy are many. Additionally, they are trying to prevent fraud. If you believe that you qualify for social security disability benefits, a social security disability lawyer in Missouri can guide you through the process.

Here are three social security disability facts.

Work Credits

To qualify for social security benefits, you must have earned enough work credits. A person can earn up to four credits per year. Credits are based on earned income through wages or self-employment. The amount necessary to qualify for a credit varies every year. If you hire a lawyer, they can help determine how many credits you earned every year that you worked. Then, the age when you became disabled is taken into consideration.

Disability Defined

If you reach a point in your life when you experience pain or discomfort that prevents you from completing the requirements of your job, it is unfortunate. Not all conditions qualify you for benefits, though. To be considered, the disability must prevent you from doing your job again and you cannot complete other work, either. It cannot be partial or short-term. It must last at least a year and until you pass away.


During the application process, you will be asked if you are currently working and if you can complete other types of work. The severity of your condition will be determined and it will be matched up against the list of disabilities. Special circumstances are taken into consideration.

Applying for social security disability benefits is an involved process. A social security disability lawyer in Missouri from Grundy Disability Group, LLC is ready to help.

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