A Cleaner, Safer Way to Enjoy Rolled Legalized Marijuana Joints in CA

California had legalized the use of both medicinal and recreational marijuana decades before any other state. Their progressive stance on a number of things has also allowed people to develop and invent products that really would not be very useful in other states. One such example included glass custom smoking tips. Glass tips are a way for marijuana smokers to hold onto the very end of a joint without a roach clip or burning their fingers. The custom smoking tips are made especially for customers that want the filtration and safety features of existing glass tips, but with a personal touch added to them. Here are some ideas of what you can do to these tips.


Glass tips are barely the size of your pinky finger, but artists can paint designs on them with tiny detail brushes. Just send them pictures and/or tell them what you would like on your glass tips. It will take much longer to get your custom tips, but they will be one of a kind.

Have Them Blown From Colored Glass

A lot of glass tips are hand-blown from clear glass. However, you can request hand-blown glass tips from colored glass, as well as tips blown from many colors of glass. A glass artist takes their time getting the bands and patterns of the glass just right before creating your custom tips.

If you are interested in placing a custom order for your very own unique glass tips, contact Glasstips via their website, https://glasstips.com.

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