3 Characteristics of a Swedish Massage

When you decide to get a massage, you have many types at your disposal. Each massage accomplishes something different. A deep tissue massage is recommended for athletes or anyone who participates in rigorous physical activities. A shiatsu massage is recommended for those who suffer from migraines since it relaxes the body and helps circulation. A regular massage helps with relaxation, which is designed to help you release tension while a Swedish massage goes a step beyond relaxation. What is difference between Swedish massage and regular massage? Here are three differences to consider. Decrease Toxins The Swedish massage is the most common massage-type in the United States next to a regular massage. While all massages promote some level of decrease in toxins, the Swedish ups the ante. Through circular motions and a focus on pressure, the goal is to rid the body of many toxins. Your therapist cannot overdo it because it could be a shock to your body, but they are trained to ensure enough will be evacuated. For this reason, post-massage, you will be encouraged to drink enough water. The water will help your body rid itself of the loose toxins.

Improved Circulation For a number of reasons, your body’s circulation could become less optimized. Common causes of poor circulation include narrowed blood vessels as well as diseases like diabetes, hypertension and obesity. While a Swedish massage will not cure diseases or reverse the narrowing of the blood vessels, it can encourage better circulation. The same circular motions your therapist uses to loosen up toxins will help the circulation. Increase Oxygen in the Blood A Swedish massage also aims to increase oxygen in the blood. So, if you are wondering what is difference between Swedish massage and regular massage? A Swedish massage helps with toxins, circulation and oxygen flow.

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