Your Guide to Choosing a Great Cigar

All cigars are not created equally. If you’re new to the world of cigars, you may be wondering how to choose the right one for you. Here’s your quick guide to selecting the best cigar for your tastes – and getting a great deal!

Pick Your Perfect Smoke

Every cigar connoisseur has their own trusted tips for finding the right cigar. Here are some popular suggestions:

  • First-time cigar smokers should opt for smaller cigars with milder flavors.
  • Thicker cigars tend to be fuller in flavor and of a better quality. As you work your way up to cigars with larger ring gauges, branch out and try new flavors and varieties to determine what you like most.
  • A good cigar should have no empty or soft spots. Gently squeeze along the entire length of the cigar before purchasing to check for these. Just be sure not to damage the cigar; you might not want to purchase it, but someone else eventually will!
  • Look for smooth, undamaged wrappers that are tightly bound and demonstrate smaller veins. This makes for a milder, smoother smoke.
  • Don’t shop in bulk – at least not at first. Many a smoker has bought too many of something because they found a great deal and been stuck with stale cigars that they will never smoke because they purchased too much of something without trying it first.

Shop Online for Great Deals

No matter if you’re looking for King Edward cigars strictly by name or just shopping around for a great, affordable smoke, you can count on today’s top online tobacco retailers to give you a great avenue to the smokes you want for less money – and less hassle.

These retailers often allow you to shop by a variety of categories, such as brand, size, flavor, intensity, price, and more. So, go ahead. Pick your tried and true King Edward cigars or opt for something you’ve never tried before – either way, you’ll save big by buying online.

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