You Shouldn’t Be Punished for Wanting a Family

Every year pregnant women are discriminated against in the work place. The company they work for punishes them for no other reason than they want to have children. They feel that a pregnant employee won’t produce for them and will cost them money. Some companies don’t like the thought that they are forced to give you time off for maternity leave but are by law required to hold your job open for you when you return. If this is happening to you, you need a pregnancy discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles.

How Are Pregnant Women Discriminated Against?

It has happened that a company finds out one of their employees is pregnant and the result is they terminate them before the child arrives. They may also not hire a person based on them being pregnant. This is against the law as a pregnant woman has the rights as protected by California state law. If the following has happened to you, you may be able to get relief.

  • Not hired because you were pregnant
  • You were denied a promotion because of a pregnancy
  • Illegal limitations or some other form of prohibitive measure placed on your maternity leave
  • You were not returned to your original position after returning from pregnancy leave
  • Fired or demoted because of a pregnancy.

It is illegal for a company to carry out any of the above actions against you and they can be made to pay a hefty price for doing it.

Get the Help You Need to Fight Against Discrimination

The Law Offices of Jual F. Reyes know the importance of having a family and how strong the desire is to have children. They also feel that a person shouldn’t be discriminated against just because of these two factors. Contact them today and discuss your legal rights and they can guide you about what you may want to do next.

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