You Need An Experienced Attorney If You’re Injured In A Tractor Trailer Accident In Newport

When there is a tractor trailer accident in Newport KY, chances are it will be reported on the local news, especially if a car is involved. The photographer will be able to shoot pictures of a mangled car and people being taken away in an ambulance. The accident scene will be marked by flashing lights from police cars and emergency vehicles. There will be long lines of stalled traffic.

What are the common causes of accidents involving a truck?

*    It could be the fault of the driver of the car. Trucks can’t stop on a dime, and a driver could cut right in front of the truck, for example. Drivers don’t always take into consideration the dangers involved in driving too close to a truck and become involved in an accident.

*    The truck driver could be fatigued from long hours on the road. Although there are regulations regarding how many hours a driver can spend behind the wheel, these laws are not always followed.

*    Illegal drinking or drug use may have hampered the truck driver’s ability to drive.

*    The truck driver may have been inexperienced and not be sufficiently trained in defensive driving techniques.

*    Speeding is one of the root causes of many truck-related accidents. When excess speed is combined with fatigue, this creates a very dangerous situation. A fully-loaded truck is capable of creating an immense amount of damage.

*    Flatbed trucks, in particular, can be involved in accidents caused by their cargo not being secured properly. Logs, machinery and large steel or concrete pipes, for example, can cause terrible injuries if they fall from a truck and hit another vehicle.

*    Mechanical faults can be one of the causes of a Tractor Trailer Accident in Newport. Defective brakes or tires are involved in multiple crashes each year. Not all trucks are maintained properly.

*    The trucking company may pay their drivers based upon how quickly the load is delivered. This encourages drivers to drive too many hours, speed, and commit other unsafe practices to get the job done.

Anyone involved in an accident involving a truck in Cincinnati or northern Kentucky should contact the law offices of david m blank. The attorneys focus on defending the rights of the victims of those injured by a truck. These people have suffered extensively and require experienced legal representationn.

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