You Don’t Have to Buy New to Look New in San Mateo, CA

You are driving across the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge. A Snapper Rocks Blue Metallic 4 Series Coupe passes you going the other way. Its iconic hood ornament burns into your retina. BMW. Your fantasy kicks into gear. Maybe one day, you dream.

Stop Dreaming. Start Owning

Since you are already on the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge, exit the J. Arthur Younger Freeway at S. El Camino Real and go to the used BMW dealer in San Mateo, CA . Turn that dream into reality. You already know BMW’s are known for their luxury and superior handling. Explore the options for financing, leasing, and buying this legendary automobile. Your free-spirited and mischievous Peter Pan dream doesn’t have to be a fantasy.

Like New — Again

Used BMW’s aren’t your typical used car. The protection plan and limited warranty for all certified pre-owned BMW’s keep the ultimate driving machine running like new. Once you own a certified pre-owned BMW you can be sure it is kept in prime condition through superior service and maintenance by the most qualified used BMW dealer in San Mateo, CA. BMW owners are proud of their machines and keep them impeccably maintained. During service periods, they drive loaners that are also impeccably maintained. When these loaners are retired, they become prime inventory for the certified pre-owned shopper.

Test drive us today at Peter Pan BMW, your used BMW dealer in San Mateo, CA. While here, check putting your BMW performance to work for you through the BMW car and ride sharing lease program.

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