You Can Remedy Sleep Deprivation or Disruption and Feel Better Naturally

People feel terrible after too many nights of poor sleep. Sleep deprivation causes fogginess, exhaustion and the inability to think about much but getting back into bed. These can compound to more serious outcomes like weight gain, depression and accidents.

Before you go down a tunnel of strong prescriptions and even dependencies to remedy poor sleep, consider natural sleeping pills.

Poor Sleep is the Abnormal New Norm

Nine or more hours of rest used to be the healthy norm. People woke up with the sun. Now, sleep has taken a backseat in people’s lives for reasons including:

• Late nights working and early mornings commuting

• Bright lights and notifications from devices, apps and screens 

• Noisy, crowded city living and apartments or condos with thin walls

• Stress and worries over finances, relationships and success

Think Twice About Average Solutions

Over the counter and prescribed sleeping pills release chemicals to simulate the processes your body goes through to fall asleep and stay there. Repeated, heavy use of these chemicals may lead to side effects such as constipation, grogginess and dependency.
There’s A Better Way

You can have a plant-based remedy with just two side effects: You sleep deeply and wake up feeling better. Rather than crash from an unnatural cocktail of substances you can’t pronounce, you ease gently into relaxation and peace with natural sleeping pills.

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