You Can Get More than Heating Oil in Norwich, CT From Your Oil Supplier

In some areas it may be a surprise, but Andersen Oil Company trucks delivering heating oil in Norwich, CT aren’t a strange sight for residents of the area. In Norwich, Mystic, Groton, and the surrounding communities, oil furnaces and boilers are still fairly common. These systems provide a high level of comfort and can operate without having to be connected to natural gas lines, so they’re good choices for those who are out of range of gas but don’t want to use electric heating.

Like propane, heating oil is delivered to tanks on customers’ property. Scheduled delivery ensures that there is no fear of running out of fuel on cold nights, so it is a popular option. It’s also possible to call for one-off deliveries to fill a tank or top it up.

Oil delivery services do more than provide fuel. They also offer tank cleaning services and other maintenance as well as furnace repair service. Repair service can be obtained on a 24-hour basis, so you don’t have to shiver all night if your heating system goes on the blink outside of normal business hours. Since many standard HVAC companies don’t work on oil-burning systems, the ability to get repairs from an oil company is essential.

Maintenance is essential to the continued good functioning of an oil-burning system. Therefore, a full service company will offer contracts so that you can have it done on a regular basis without having to go out of your way to set it up each time. These contracts aren’t just for furnaces and boilers. Oil-burning water heaters can also be covered. Maintenance includes parts repair and replacement, ultrasonic tank inspections, annual cleaning, system efficiency tests, and more. Click here to find out more about these options.

With all of these services offered by a company that sells heating oil in Norwich, CT, there’s no need to worry about any aspect of your oil-burning heating or water heating system. Just set up a maintenance contract, and any emerging problems will be found and fixed before they cause the shutdown of your system. Set up an oil delivery contract for your ongoing fuel needs, and you won’t have to worry about running out of oil either.

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