You Can Find the Best Hot Water Heater in Wichita KS

Many types of hot water heaters are on the market today, and these go beyond the round tank gas and electric models. Besides the conventional 40 and 50 gallon hot water heaters, there are a number of tankless models available. One of the newest and most easily installed upgrades on a round tank is a “power vented” system. These tanks have a fan installed that pulls the carbon dioxide out of the tank and forces it to the outdoors through a vent pipe made of plastic.The benefit to having the fan is that it reliably moves the flue gasses from the house to the outdoors, thus preventing the possible health and safety issues which occur with natural draft heaters. Hot Water Heater in Wichita KS can tell you about this safety feature.

One of the newest innovations in heating hot water is the tankless hot water heater available from Hot Water Heater in Wichita KS. This system heats water on demand and, therefore, does not need a large tank to store water. The tankless model can be mounted to the garage wall, so it will be out of the way. This is a real space saver for a garage which usually stores so many items and cars. The tankless hot water heater can also be installed under the sinks so the water does not have to travel from the garage.

Hybrid heaters combine the benefits of an electric hot water heater storage-tank model with a heat pump. The heat pump extracts warmth from the air, so the two sources of energy heat the water. A round tank is still required. The energy savings over an electric only heater is very significant. Solar heaters work in conjunction with an electric heater, but the efficiency of the solar heater depends on how much sun an area gets. The high cost of installing a solar system makes the pay-back extend to about 20 years.

There are pros and cons to each of the water heating systems. The Bowers Plumbing Company can discuss each with you. Before deciding on a new hot water heating system discuss the features of each with a plumbing expert who can analyze your hot water usage and make a solid recommendation for you.

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