Would You Like To Go On A Tour Of A Traverse City Brewery?

Very few men have no interest in beer and a growing number of women are showing more interest in beer. For any beer drinker, a tour of a brewery has instant appeal. Traverse City in Northern Michigan may not be Milwaukee but it does boast more than one Traverse City Brewery. Unlike Milwaukee, there is no strong Germanic background in Traverse City and none of the breweries have a resemblance to some sort of refinery that is a feature of that huge brewery in Milwaukee. Any Traverse City Brewery is likely to be a family run, smaller affair brewing its beers in the traditional manner and many of them fit into the micro-brewery category. Some are even the centrepiece of a (beer) drinking establishment.

This Is Fine Should You Live In Traverse City

But, would travel a long way just to visit a Traverse City Brewery? Probably your first thought would be – “why go all that way when there are other breweries nearer to home?” And, if beer is your sole reason for being alive, then, you might well be correct in that view. However, for most people, there is more to life than beer alone.

Maybe (like half a million others) you have heard of the annual, July Cherry Festival held in Traverse City? Even if you are not a big fan of cherry pie, the Festival’s other fun and attractions could well tempt you to take a short vacation in Traverse City. And, if you do not get enough beer at the Festival, you can always bulk out your visit with a tour of a Traverse City Brewery or two (or more).

More Than Beer And Cherries

Michigan is more than just Detroit and it is, in fact, second only to California in terms of the diversity of its agricultural output. This is by no means restricted to the 165,000 tons cherries around Traverse; grains such as wheat and barley thrive in Michigan and, of course, these are, amongst other things, important ingredients for the brewing of beer. The Traverse region is also home to many fine vineyards and wineries and good wine grape growing country is also good for growing hops – meaning that anyone setting up a Traverse City Brewery does not have to look far for the essentials. This also includes a ready supply of good water since Traverse City is located right on the shores of the Great Lakes.

Even if we ignore the fantastic freshwater shorelines, the forested National Parks, winter skiing, summer boating, etc, etc, the features mentioned above may well convince you to vacation in and around Traverse City and, while there, sample at least one Traverse City Brewery.

When visiting Northern Michigan, you should visit at least one Traverse City Brewery and the best people to arrange this for you are Traverse City WINE AND BEER TOURS. They provide the right mix of fun and interesting places and you have none of the worries associated with driving. Give them a call on 231.499.2656 and see what they have to offer.

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