Worming your Way to Creating the Perfect Bouquet

It is a commonly known fact that worms create silk, amongst other small insects, but worms are the most commonly used. During the process of complete metamorphosis the larvae produces the silk which can then be threaded and twined into reels or bundles. It was the ancient Chinese who first discovered the properties of silk and how it could be used in the manufacture of clothes and other goods. It was also the Chinese who first invented silk screen printing but that came many years after they began trading silk with the rest of the world. The ‘Silk Road’ as it was known, was a famous route that took traders around the Asian coast line and into Europe, where they traded with the Europeans. By then the Chinese had lost the exclusivity that they had on the rights to silk production and word had reached India where it too took on production of saris, scarves and other garments.

Uses of Silk and other Applications

Silk can also be used in the making of artificial flowers and it is not uncommon for wedding bouquets of silk flower to take the place of real, fresh cut flowers for some brides. Silk is one of the most delicate and refined fibers in the world and it is used on ties, shirts, blouses, handkerchiefs, cravats and other delicate garments that are usually worn as accessories or outer garments. However, there is now a trend for silk underwear, such as silk boxer shorts.

Because of its versatility silk can be used for many things. Artificial flowers, however do tend to benefit greatly from the use of silk. They can be produced to near perfect replicas of the real thing and some people can barely tell the difference from a short distance away. It is also popular now for couples to use silk flowers at their wedding simply because they can keep the bouquet, corsage or boutonnières forever, rather than have them die off within a few days of the wedding. This is one part of the day that can never be taken away and so many couple prefer artificial versions for the decorations and reception if not the brides bouquet, but that is also popular too with many couples.


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