Working With a Dental Professional to Secure St. Petersburg’s Best Dentures

Now that the natural teeth are gone forever, the time has come to consider options for replacing them. One of the more practical and cost effective approaches is to invest in a set of dentures. Here are some tips that will make it easier to work with a dentist and secure St. Petersburg’s Best Dentures. The Preliminary Testing The process of being fitted for St. Petersburg’s Best Dentures will involve undergoing a few tests. Be prepared for the dentist to take X-rays that help to provide information about the contours of the gums. Those same tests will also help to show the set of the jaw, something that is very important in terms of making sure the dentures are basically the same size and shape as the original teeth. To complete the initial process, the dentist will use wax to make an impression of the gums.

Fittings and Adjustments

Once the dentures are ready, the next step is the fitting process. In the best case scenario, the denture plates will fit snugly on the gums without causing any discomfort. When the fit is perfect, there is no need to make any type of adjustments. Instead, the dentist will school the patient in how to apply dental adhesives, and provide some instructions in how to clean the plates properly. If there is anything about the fit that seems a little out of line, that can be noted and arrangements made to alter the shape of the plates slightly. Depending on the extent of the work, it may only take a few days for this to occur. Assuming the second fitting goes well, the plates are ready for the patient to take home and wear whenever he or she likes. Keep in mind that even the best denture plates will only fit properly for a few years. This is because the gums will begin to shift somewhat as time goes on. In some cases, making some minor alternations to the plates may compensate for the shifting. At other times, there may be the need to be fitted for a whole new set. The dentist can examine the patient and determine which course of action will result in the best fit and the highest level of comfort. For more info Click Here.

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