Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Cedar Rapids IA Answers FAQ’s

by | Nov 24, 2014 | Lawyers

As an employee of a given company, the employer expects you to give a full day’s service for what you are paid. This is each and every day. As your employer, you have the right to expect to be compensated accordingly, even if you happen to get injured at work. When work injuries occur, a benefit called Workers’ Compensation kicks in. Workers’ Compensation is the benefit paid to the employee when he or she gets injured at work. It provides for the health care, hospital visits or stays, any physical therapy that may have to be taken (provided the treating physician refers it) and wages for the employee lost by being out of work. Sometimes the process of getting compensated does not flow as smoothly and legal aid is required. A Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Cedar Rapids IA understands how complicated this process can get. Here are some frequently asked questions that individuals have had in trying to work through the system.

1. Is the employee responsible for paying a portion of his or her wages into the Workers’ Comp package? This is soley the responsibility of the employer. An employee should never be paying for Workers’ Comp.

2. Can a person be denied the benefits from Worker’s Comp? It is unfortunate that a lot of people are still in the dark about worker’s compensation law. Some are led to believe that their employer can withhold the benefit if the employee is responsible for his or her injury at work. However, Iowa law dictates that the injured is entitled to certain workers’ comp benefits regardless if negligence is involved or not.

3. Shouldn’t the employee just trust the employer to do everything that is right in an at-place work injury? While good faith practices should be employed at work, it is possible that the employer’s insurance carrier may feel that enough compensation and/or benefit has been paid to the employee and will want to cease all payments.

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