Window Repair in St. Louis, MO for Damaged Block Glass

Some homeowners have chosen block glass windows so they can have privacy while still allowing natural light to enter. These windows are most common in bathrooms and in rooms facing a busy street or sidewalk. Many older houses have block glass windows since this was a more prevalent style choice decades ago. Professional Window Repair in St. Louis MO is available if any of the blocks are damaged.

About Block Windows

These windows contain thick pieces of glass set apart by a material to hold them in place. Some are held by mortar and others by silicone around plastic. When a block is damaged but still in place, it detracts from the appearance of the entire window. Technicians providing professional Window Repair in St. Louis MO can remove the damaged block and replace it with an exact match.

Homeowners might wonder, if their window contains mortar, if they will need a mason or tuckpointing specialist to do the work. That is not necessary, as a contractor such as A M Richards Glass Co Inc can remove the damaged block and replace it. Some homeowners decide to tackle the work as a do-it-yourself project and are successful in the endeavor. Most, however, aren’t interested in spending time learning this home improvement skill they will probably never use again.

Repair Work

Both the glass block and the mortar or silicone around it must be removed during this project. Then, a layer of the adhesive material is placed on the bottom of the empty space that’s thick enough to match the rest of the window separations. When that work is complete, the new block is put in the empty space and silicone or mortar added around it from both the exterior and interior.

Considering Replacement

If the homeowners have decided it’s time to change from the old-fashioned style of block windows, they can have the entire window removed and replaced with another type of privacy glass, such as frosted or textured material. They can choose vinyl, metal, or wood frames. Window replacement contractors may be able to modify the size of the original framing space or choose a window that will fit as is.

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