Will Any Combination of Swimming Pool Chemicals in Overland Park Do the Job?

There’s no getting around the fact that any type of residential pool will need some type of chemical treatment for the water. The question is what type of treatment is best. Many people are surprised to learn there is more than one point to consider when choosing Swimming Pool Chemicals in Overland Park. Here are some factors to think about before adding anything to the pool water.

Pool Use

How many people routinely use the pool? If the homeowner is single and is the only one who uses the pool daily, the types and amounts of chemicals needed to keep the water clean are different from a pool routinely used by a family of four. A professional can make recommendations based on usage and save the owner a lot of money.

Hard Water or Soft Water?

The key to choosing Swimming Pool Chemicals in Overland Park is to create a proper balance and minimize the potential for any type of bacteria or algae growth. To determine what type of Swimming Pool Chemicals in Overland Park are required, start by thinking about the mineral content already found in the water. Depending on how hard the water happens to be, the owner will need more of certain chemicals and less of others. An expert can conduct testing to determine the current mineral content and recommend a combination of chemicals that restore balance and help keep the water clean.

Chemicals and Salt Water Pools

Perhaps the plan is to keep salt water in the pool. While it does help to imitate the sensation of swimming in the ocean, the cleaning properties of the salt are not as great as many people believe. When the right kind of generator is installed, it’s true that a portion of the salt is converted to chlorine and helps keep the pool clean. Even so, it will not be enough for ongoing maintenance. If salt water is what the homeowner prefers, a professional can recommend specific additives that work with the salt to chlorine conversion and ensure the pool and the water stay clean for longer periods.

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