Why You Shouldn’t Skimp Out on a Good Fire Alarm Cable

by | Jul 8, 2015 | Electronics

Our life is the most precious thing we have and in an emergency situation, we all hope that we will make it out of the door safely.

Most of us also regard our homes as safe havens, but it’s unsafe to not pay attention to our own safety, simply because we are lazy or are being stingy. A fire alarm cable seems like the least of our worries when it comes to building our house.

We spend a fortune to make our homes attractive but sometimes forget about the little things that equally require our attention. We spend hundreds on getting the right tiles for the living room, but when we want to spend money on the things that matter, we dismiss their importance. Remember, it is essential to choose a high quality fire alarm cable.

Let’s discuss a typical emergency situation in detail. A fire alarm is used in smoke alarms and detectors, voice communications, addressable fire alarm systems, burglar alarms, microprocessor controlled systems, fire protective circuits and wiring of fire alarms. Mainly, they are there for your safety. If a wire isn’t good quality, the right voltage and electricity cannot reach the device to it in time, which in turn, can cause the device to burn out. In this case, your personal safety and that of those around you comes into question.

You can purchase a good quality fire alarm cable from companies like Trillium Development Ltd. Co. They can also provide your system with the backup if you need to make sure that your home system stays protected and secure.

Basics of Fire Alarm Cables

Fire alarm cables come in three types, namely the plenum, non-plenum and riser. The Plenum cable (FPLP) is used in ducts and other enclosed air spaces; the non-plenum cable (FPL) is used in applications like surface wiring; and the riser (FPLR) can be used in applications which require vertical wiring from floor to floor. These fire cables are placed in categories accordingly so that you know which to use when to install.

The National Fire Protection Association certifies these cables and once they are tested to see if they meet the standards of safety and other codes, they are then published in the National Electrical Code (NEC).

When choosing a fire alarm cable, you need to make sure that they are properly working and come under the safety codes regarding voltage, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance etc. A fire cable needs to work for fire detection, as well as for any smoke that might emit once it is in contact with the alarm.

Electric Wire and Cable Specialists have a great stock of high quality fire alarm cables.

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