Why You Should Purchase Additional Condo Insurance in Naples FL

Anything that a person owns of value, an auto mobile, prized jewels, a home or condo, is worth taking out an insurance policy. This article will focus on those whose own condominiums. If you are in Florida, and need Condo Insurance In Naples FL, observe the following tips that may be helpful.

From a legal standpoint, a condominium is one unit in a group of apartment-like housing. Like a regular homeowner, the condo owner owns his or her own dwelling. Unlike regular homes, however, the plot of land upon which the condo is founded is owned by all the shareholders in the condo complex. All of the condo owners come together in an association and pay an association fee for maintaining the grounds and other expenses. Part of the expenses of the association includes the condo insurance, which is called master insurance coverage. Such insurance coverage from the association entails what is called “bare walls” coverage or single entity coverage. This coverage is for the building itself, the bare walls referring to the building, walls, roof, floors, elevators, and like parts. The single entity coverage takes care of some of the appliances and the cabinets. The responsible condo owner may consider the purchasing of additional insurance for his or her unit.

Anything that you add to your condo will need to be covered by additional insurance. Once you figure out what your condo complex’s master insurance will cover, the remaining items that are not covered will be what you will want to estimate. You will want to decide also whether it is more advantageous to purchase cash-value coverage or replacement cost coverage. The difference in the two is that the former will pay off the value of the merchandise with depreciated costs, and the latter will replace the item at what it costs to do so.

Ackerman Insurance Services provide insurance solutions for residents and commercial clients in Bonita Springs, Florida and Naples, Florida. They provide insurance solutions for auto mobiles, boats, motorcycles, life insurance, flood insurance, homeowner’s insurance, and of course, condo insurance.

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