Why You Should Hire A Chicago Disability Lawyer To File A Disability Claim In Court

A Chicago disability lawyer offers you the ability to present your disability claim through court instead of through the Social Security Administration. For this reason, you may receive better odds of an approval. A disability attorney is familiar with eligibility requirements for these claims and by presenting this information to a judge, you have the opportunity for your case to be reviewed based on your medical files. To learn more about filing a disability claim through the court system, contact Jeffrey A. Rabins and Associates today.

Why You Should File in Court

Too often the Social Security Administration utilizes doctors who are unfamiliar with some physical and mental impairments. These doctors utilize a checklist to establish the presence of this condition. In some cases, these doctors do not have the necessary training to identify o diagnose these conditions properly. If you file a claim through the court, you can present medical evidence from your own doctor for the judge to make a determination.

Local Disability Attorney

Jeffrey A. Rabins and Associates provide you with a Chicago disability lawyer. This lawyer presents your medical evidence to a judge to allow him or her to make a decision in your case. These attorneys review your medical evidence to ensure that you have all of the facts related to your condition and that there are not any gaps in these records. They produce a claim that assist you in effectively presenting the way in which this condition affects your life. To hire a disability lawyer today, contact Jeffrey A. Rabins and Associates or visit their website at Rabinsslaw.com to schedule an appointment.


Your Chicago disability lawyer provides you with an effective claim to present evidence of your disability to a judge. By addressing the court, you can explain to the judge how this condition affects your life and how it prevents you from working. Once your attorney establishes eligibility in your case, the judge will determine when your monthly payments will begin and whether you are entitled to a settlement. To discuss disability benefits and requirements with an attorney contact Jeffrey A Rabins and Associates today.

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