Why you should consider having Sleeve Gastrectomy Houston

by | Oct 24, 2013 | Health Care

Recent advancements in the field of medicine and surgery continue to provide solutions to some of the most bothersome health problems in the world. The issue of obesity continues to be a major concern to the world as statistics portray a dire situation. Medical experts however have made major strides and, while not disregarding other strategies of losing weight, have shown that a simple Sleeve Gastrectomy Houston can provide quicker, safer and timely solution to obesity. For those who fear the knife, it is important that you be informed that this is a fairly effective procedure that comes with a number of advantages.

Like other weight loss surgeries, the intention of this procedure is to reduce the size of your stomach. The key culprit to overeating is the stomach which induces a craving for food to the brain. With a reduced capacity of food intake however, there is no craving and you only take what your body needs. During this procedure, that part of the stomach that emits hormones that increases craving is removed meaning that you will now be able to take control of your food intake.

The other procedure that has proven to be effective in weight loss is the intestinal bypass procedure. Although it has its advantages, it is not quite appropriate to all. Sleeve Gastrectomy however has been found to be an effective solution to those who are likely to have complications as a result of intestinal bypass. There are also those who are likely to be fearful of harboring foreign bodies and hence would be wary of the Banding procedures. With the Sleeve Gastrectomy Houston procedure, such fears are non existent.
There are other major benefits that come with Sleeve Gastrectomy Houston but the most important one is that it is quite effective and will help you lose weight. A reduced stomach size means that you are unlikely to eat beyond your fill and hence this definitely leads to weight loss. Other benefits include reduced chances of ulcers which is a major characteristic of most of weight loss surgeries. It has particularly been found to be quite effective for patients with a BMI that is above 55.

This article commends one of the remarkable weight loss methods that offers a relief and a turnaround to people whose BMI is higher than 55. Sleeve Gastrectomy Houston gives instant and effective results as during this procedure not only your stomach size is reduced but also the hormone, which induces cravings and sends signals to the brain is removed too.

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