Why you Need an Assault Defense Lawyer in Mount Vernon

by | May 16, 2014 | Lawyers and Law Firm

Understanding the types of assault and what it could mean in terms of the damage it could do to your life is necessary if you are ever facing assault charges. The four levels of assault include:

* First Degree

This is the most severe of charges. It means the attack was done with the intention of causing great bodily harm to another. It usually is charged in cases where a weapon was used.

* Second Degree

Similar to First Degree assault, Second Degree is often charged when severe injury has been intentionally caused with the threat of weapons included but not necessarily used.

* Third Degree

This is often used when the assault is less damaging, a simple punch or push, but is done against someone in a position of authority or service like rescue personnel or police officers.

* Fourth Degree

These charges are commonly seen when a fist fight or similar event occurs. The damage is minor and the one charged may not be the person who began the incident.
It is important to have legal representation in all of these cases because even First Degree assault can result in serious consequences. People who are charged with an assault can face:

* Loss of employment

* Loss of professional licensing

* Lose child custody rights

* Face fines

* Imprisonment

Additional problems can also be caused because of these problems. Loss of employment can mean you lose your ability to pay your mortgage or car payment. Time in prison can prevent you from future employment opportunities and encourage divorces.

In many instances people who are charged were defending themselves or were in a condition where they were not thinking clearly. An attorney can help you to gather the witnesses you need or get you a lighter sentence if therapy or counseling is needed.

If you find yourself in this situation do not give up and just accept whatever happens. Contact Powers & Costeck PLLC instead. They are who you want on your side when you need an Assault Defense Lawyer in Mount Vernon. They have experience in criminal defense cases and will work hard to make certain you get the representation you need.


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