Why You Need A Septic Cleaner On Long Island

A great thing about Long Island is that you can have your home out in the countryside; surrounded by farms and nature; yet easily work in New York City. Monday to Friday may be frenetic but, at weekends, you get to relax with the family; breathe clean air and gaze over some great views. It might not be the life for everyone and you might feel a small lack of things like bars, restaurants, theatres or art galleries; but, they are no further away than your daily work commute – you are not totally cut off from civilization as we know it.

There Will Be Some Major Differences

Those that choose to both live and work in the city have many things provided for them on a daily basis that they simply take for granted. They can go to their bathroom; do their business and then flush it all away down the toilet pan; probably without ever giving any thought to where it all disappears to. But; things change with a move to the country; the bathroom and its facilities look the same as those back in the old apartment in the city; you still flush it the same way – then it becomes different.

Back in the city; once you flushed and it got down your pipes; the city took over all responsibility for it; now, in the country; you retain full responsibility. In other words, you have to clean up your own mess.

A Septic System Of Your Own

Under the rules of the Suffolk County Soil and Water Conservation District and backed by the national guidelines of people like the EPA your “human waste” has to be piped out of the house and into a system that will effectively neutralize and clean it. The first stage in this is a large tank into which your “flush” is discharged. Heavier solids sink to the bottom as sludge while lighter ones float on the top as scum. A common name for this is the “septic tank” and, in this; bacteria naturally breakdown most of the solids; effectively digesting them. Cleaner water is then allowed to flow out of the septic tank into a series of drainage areas known as cesspools. Most of the solids do break down but not all of them; for this reason the Authorities recommend that you bring in an approved Septic Cleaner For Long Island every two years and have them vacuum out all surplus sludge for correct disposal.

You should call in a Septic Cleaner For Long Island to dispose of your excess sewerage sludge every two years. When you need to do this; you should contact L&J Cesspool, Sewer & Drain, Inc.

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