Why Vaping With UK Vegetable Glycerine-Based E-liquid Is the Better Choice

People certainly love vaping and the different juices from which they can choose. However, with all of the available options of e-juices, which type is the overall best? Many longtime users and industry experts state that they much prefer vegetable glycerin E-Liquid over all other options. There are many reasons why this is so.

No Artificial Sweetenrs

With vegetable glycerin, there is no need to add any additional sweeteners because the juice is actually already naturally sweet. This is in contrast with propylene glycol-based juice which is generally loaded with extra artificial sweeteners to make it palatable to the consumer.

Hits Better

When taking a hit from your vaping device, the quality of the hit is very important. When vegetable glycerine is used, the resulting hit is very thick and the flavor remains in the mouth and throat for much longer than when using other types of e-juices. Even the exhale is more satisfying since it lingers in the air for a far longer period of time.

No Allergies

Some vapers have found that they are allergic to propylene glycol and will suffer from an irritated throat and other uncomfortable issues after using it. There have been no confirmed reports of adverse effects after vaping with a vegetable glycerin E-Liquid. The resulting hit is smooth and thick and more natural than other options available on the market.

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