Why Using Color Swatches in Your Bridal Boutique Is Such a Great Idea

by | Mar 15, 2022 | Business

As the owner of a bridal boutique, you know that offering your customers the very best of services is your main goal. One question, though, is how to offer a sample of the dresses, both bridal and bridesmaid, before ordering an entire dress? This can be done with a professional sample book made by a color swatch book manufacturer. There are many benefits to offering swatch books for your customers to peruse.

Saves Money

The most obvious benefit that comes with swatch books is that they offer your customers and you a great way to save money. Instead of ordering a whole dress and finding that the colors do not live up to your expectation, or that the fabric doesn’t quite have the right texture that you want, you can get a sample of the actual product you’ll be ordering displayed via swatches. This means no more alterations or returns made by an unhappy customer.

Real-Life Example

When customers order online, they may not get a true sense of color due to the fact that computer monitors and mobile screens do not always display colors in the exact same way. When swatches from a color swatch book manufacturer are presented to the customer in person, however, they can see the color as they are and how they will complement each other. This is a huge deal to someone who is planning a wedding as it removes all manner of uncertainty as to how the dresses and accessories will look.

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