Why Use Decorative Landscape Stones in Waukesha, WI?

Decorative landscape stone has been in use for years, but in recent years has seen an upsurge in popularity as home and business owners recognize the value of stone as an element of the overall landscape design. Before deciding on any materials for your landscape needs, consider stone as an alternative. There are three significant reasons to consider Decorative Landscape Stones in Waukesha WI.

1. Decorative stone adds a flair to your home or business landscaping.

Because landscaping stone is offered in such a variety of sizes and colors, landscape designs are enhanced when different types of stone are used in different applications. The stone can add drama or a color accent to any design style. Stone can be used to accent plantings or even be a design element in itself. When combined with lighting, the effects carry into evening hours as well.

2. Landscape stone is easy to maintain.

There is little maintenance required when landscape stone is used. Depending on the specific situations, different materials are applied to the ground before the stone is spread to minimize weed growth. Even when no barrier is installed, herbicides can be applied if needed. Where chemical use is not considered desirable, a quick weeding can eliminate stray weeds. Consult your landscape professional to determine which type of weed barrier would be best for your application.

3. Using landscape stone is cost-effective.

Landscaping can become an expensive addition to home and business budgets. Caring for lawns, trees and plantings can add significant costs to keeping a home or business looking good. Business and home owners frequently elect to use tree bark for their landscape needs, and bark can be an attractive addition to many landscape plans. However, bark deteriorates over time and must be frequently replaced. Stone lasts indefinitely, and its looks do no not deteriorate. While stone may cost more initially, the long-term expense is lower than when using bark.

There is no single, best landscaping solution. However, Decorative Landscape Stones in Waukesha WI, is a quality solution for a wide variety of home and business needs.
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