Why Use a Remote Control Garage Door Opener?

Having an attached garage to your home is a significant benefit during the cold weather months in Wisconsin as is having a garage door opener. Without an opener, a motorist has to exit the automobile to manually unlock the door, pull it up, re-enter the car, and move it into the garage. Then the garage door has to be manually pulled down and locked from the inside.

Wired Controls
Installing a motor to move the garage door was a huge step forward in convenience to auto owners. Initially, a switch was wired to the motor and placed on the outside of the garage door frame as well as the entryway to the house. The problem with this arrangement was the lack of security and the necessity to exit the vehicle. For some, a “doorbell switch” was moved down the driveway for easy access but it was not secured.

Keypad Access
Finally, came keypad access for garage doors. This system, with its variable coding options, made the garage secure without having to use a key. While it is nice not to have to carry a key with you, it still necessitates leaning out the car’s window to operate the system, sometimes in driving rain and snow.

Wireless Garage Door Opener
It was the development of the wireless garage door remote that revolutionized the industry. The motor has a sensor to receive a wireless signal. It is attached to the switch to start and stop the motor. A motorist has a push button control that many put on the visor of the automobile, and they simple need to push the button to activate or deactivate the system. Needless to say, this was a blessed relief to escape the elements.

More innovations include separate buttons to control lighting, warning signals, and double locking the door. Wireless keypads could be attached to the garage frame to allow entry without having a remote with you.

Smartphone Access
Technology continues to find ways to operate garage door systems remotely. Today, you can obtain an app for your Android smartphone or iPhone to activate the system, turn the lights on and off, and monitor the door’s status. Using this type of garage door opener, Dane County WI residents can stay in their vehicle without exiting into the harsh winter weather. It is also possible to check to see if the door was left open accidentally, and close it wirelessly from almost anywhere.

If you are looking to replace or upgrade your present garage door system, residents of Dane County, Wisconsin will find Northland Door Systems can supply and install advanced systems to accommodate your needs.

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