Why Tutoring Must Be a Part of Any Plan for After School Care in Pittsburgh, PA

School may be out for the day, but both parents are still at work. That means the child needs a safe place to stay until a parent is able to come by and take the child home. When considering the right program for after school care i Pittsburgh, PA, it pays to make sure tutoring is part of the support offered. Here are a few of the reasons why it matters.

The Chance to Get Homework Done

While the general plan for after school care in Pittsburgh, PA does include time for recreation and socializing, it can also be the ideal setting to dive in and get homework done. With trained tutors on the premises, it’s easy enough for a child who is having trouble with an assignment to receive some encouragement and, possibly, help to work through the problem. For example, a tutor can help the child come up with an idea for writing a short composition for an English class. If the issue is understanding how to think through a math problem, a tutor can guide the student through the process and reinforce why each of those steps is necessary.

Preparing for Exams

If a test is looming tomorrow or in the next couple of days, a tutor is a wonderful resource for helping the child prepare. There’s the opportunity to go over questions that are likely to be on the history test or spend some time going over maps relevant to what is likely to be included in an upcoming social studies test. The time spent preparing after school but not at home can make it easier for the child to avoid distractions, retain the information, and be ready to tackle whatever does end up being part of the test.

More Time to Enjoy the Evening

Thanks to the aid of the tutor, the child is able to complete the homework, double-check the assignments, and feel confident that all is in order. The result is more free time to spend with the family and enjoy the evening.

Click here and learn more about what types of support, including tutoring, are part of the after-school program. It won’t take long to see how the child will benefit from being in this type of setting.

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