Why the Infrared Coagulation Internal Hemorrhoids Treatment is Gaining Popularity

There are numerous internal hemorrhoids treatments available today. As the needs of each person will vary, the techniques used by doctors must vary as well. However, the use of infrared coagulation, which is often called IRC, has become one of the most popular methods for doctors and patients alike. The following contains a brief overview on what it is, how it works, and why it’s one of the top choices in medicine today.

What is Infrared Coagulation?

During infrared coagulation, a small device is used to focus an intense infrared light at a single hemorrhoid. It works best on small or medium-sized spots, and it’s minimally invasive and non-surgical. The procedure is fairly quick, lasting only about ten minutes.

How Does Infrared Coagulation Work?

The infrared light heats the hemorrhoid until it forms scar tissue. The resulting scar tissue blocks off blood flow to the area, much in the way that traditional rubber band ligation does. This serves two major purposes. First, without blood circulating and nourishing it, the hemorrhoid begins to reduce in size until it withers away into nothing. Secondly, the scar tissue will also seal the wall of the anal canal, which keeps other veins from pushing through. This offers fast relief and lasting protection.

What Happens After Treatment?

Afterwards, most people go about their day normally. Over a period of 7-10 days, the spot shrinks until the nodule falls away on its own. Most people experience minimal discomfort that is easily alleviated with an over-the-counter pain medication, such as ibuprofen.

What Makes it Popular?

When dealing with internal hemorrhoids, treatments should be as kind to the tissues as possible. After all, this issue happens inside one of the most delicate and sensitive spots on the body. IRC is minimally invasive, which makes it much more gentle than many other remedy options available. Unlike rubber band ligation, it leaves no foreign bodies behind. It also provides incredibly fast results and delivers relief quickly as well. Because it’s non-surgical, healing time is reduced, as is post-procedure discomfort. Additionally, it works in almost all cases that don’t require surgery, which makes it one of the most effective procedures available. These things combined allow for simplified yet effectual treatment, which resonates well with both doctors and patients.

For people searching for internal hemorrhoids treatments, IRC is one of the best options. It does require a full diagnosis, as well verification that the intended patient is a viable candidate, and that the problem areas are suited to the technique. However, because it is an ideal remedy for such a wide array of situations, most people will receive some, if not total, relief from the procedure. For more information, contact Chicago Hemorrhoid.

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