Why State Residents May Not Seek Drug Treatment Centers in Florida

The State of Florida is noted for its balmy climate and beauty. Unfortunately, it is also one of the Nations’s top party areas, partly due to the huge number of college students who travel to there during their breaks. In addition, the State’s long shorelines provide easy access for drug traffic, resulting in a higher-than-average number of residents with substance abuse issues. However, many Floridians are getting help at facilities such as Arizona’s The River Source, instead of seeking drug treatment centers in Florida. This choice offers benefits that include:

A HEALING ATMOSPHERE:  When residents choose drug treatment centers in Florida, they are living in the same laid-back, party atmosphere that caused their problem. Those who travel to The River Source, in Arizona, are offered warmth and sunshine, but also the healing quiet that the desert provides.

A NATUROPATHIC DETOX:  The staff at The River Source can provide a detox program that takes approximately 3-10 days. Clients are carefully supervised by a physician, who can prescribe medications to keep them comfortable. The program also provides holistic help, in the form of massage, saunas, meditation, vitamin therapy, and more.

COUNSELING:  It is critical that clients determine the underlying issues that cause their addictions, and The River Source provides professional counseling designed to help them. Experts offer one-on-one, as well as group therapy. Clients who are undergoing long-term addiction treatment are offered a program specially designed to support them. Their therapy is modified as they progress, with a focus on mind, body, and spirit. Clients are encouraged to understand their behaviors, in order to avoid relapses.

LIFE COACHING:  In addition to addiction treatment, clients may arrange life coaching sessions with experts who can help them work through specific areas. Although life coaching is not recommended for those with hard drug problems, it can bring clarity to those with chemical dependency or other challenges. Professionals can help clients improve relationships, find a better job, and find focus for school. Sessions are short, friendly, and positive. They are confidential, and coaches allow clients to set boundaries and take charge. They avoid telling them what to do.

Many Floridians with substance abuse issues have been helped by traveling to treatment centers in Arizona. The serene desert atmosphere and holistic approach at the centers provides healing and a range of helpful therapies.

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