Why So Many Homeowners Choose to Install Carpet in Rockville Homes

Despite the wide variety of flooring types available today, many people still prefer carpeting. The choice is popular because carpet can mute noise, make walking more comfortable, and provide safety during falls. Professionals, such as Renaissance Floor & Carpet also offer a vast array of choices, including hundreds of color and pattern combinations. Various styles of Carpet in Rockville Maryland also provide unique qualities that can help homeowners customize their rooms. Some of these types and features include:

1. WOOL: Naturally stain resistant, wool also resists soil and dirt, because its fibers are so tightly packed. It offers a deep, rich feel and look, as well as excellent resilience and durability. Wool carpet tends be more expensive than synthetic materials.

2. NYLON: Because nylon is the most durable of the synthetic fibers, it is also the most common carpeting material. It is the strongest fiber, and is excellent choice for rooms that get heavy traffic. Nylon is easy to clean and simple to maintain. It is soil and mildew resistant, non-allergenic, and resilient. However, nylon can pill, and is often prone to static.

3. POLYESTER: Although it is less durable than nylon, polyester is popular because it tends to be very stain-resistant. There is also a wide variety of textures and colors available. Polyester can pill and shed, but is non-allergenic, and sheds moisture. It also cleans easily and resists moths and mildew.

4. ACRYLIC: Of all the synthetic materials, acrylic is the closest to wool. It is primarily manufactured for commercial use. Acrylic is a good choice when buyers want to install Carpet in Rockville homes, since it is very easy-to-clean, and is static, soil, moth, and mildew resistant. It is also available in a large variety of colors. Acrylic flooring is not as likely to fade in bright sunlight as polyester or nylon carpets.

5. OLEFIN (Polypropylene): This synthetic material was created to be used as outdoor and basement carpeting, because it is resistant to moisture, water damage, stains, pilling, and static. Today Olefin Carpet Installation is common in any area where durability is needed. The material is also known for its wool-like appearance and feel.

Homeowners often carpet their floors when they want to add comfort, function, and beauty to their homes. This is a simple process when professionals guide buyers in selecting carpets from the huge variety of colors, patterns, and fibers that are available.

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