Why Service Matters At Dealerships

Any car dealer in Crestwood should understand the magnitude of excellent service across the board. This means service in every area: Salesmanship, financing strategies, and service and parts. Many dealerships get the first two right and leave off the last two. At Hawk Ford, a true blue car dealer in Crestwood, auto maintenance and repair ranks as high in quality as the service. Here’s why.

After you buy

The period after you buy a car can be a nervous time. If you’ve bought used, you’re likely concerned about whether or not you got a “good” car. Sometimes when you drive it off the lot, you just don’t know. At Hawk Ford, you never have to wonder. That’s because our service repair team has already fully inspected your vehicle and deemed it to be good enough to be a part of our inventory. That doesn’t mean you might not have a few bumps along the road. All vehicles need regular maintenance and when you fall behind on that, you can sometimes have repair needs.

Hawk Ford makes sure that you can always bring your vehicle to us and get the service you need, thanks to our fully certified technicians who don’t just work on cars. They also love those same cars. The Ford brand has a reputation in the automotive industry. It’s synonymous with quality, toughness, and reliability. We do everything in our power to contribute to the solid reputation of the Ford name. And we are up front and honest about all repair costs.

When other dealers see service as an “extra,” we see it as a constant requirement for our dealership to be the best it can be. That’s why we staff only certified techs who share our passion for the Ford brand in every single way.

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